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    Found this at at supermarket. I don’t know why. But I just want to dig my face into it.

    Currently listening to room4space - Story of Us [Dreamcatcher Mixtape]

    I’m thinking about to do a 30 day challenge starting tomorrow. Something with diet, healt or exercise. Then microblog about it every day.

    🍿Light of my life 4+

    Highly recommend if you are a dystopian fan like me

    Nice evening with Tobbe Trollkarl. He gave a 5+ magician show for the kids.

    I fcking love colder weather and my summer cabin.

    Oh, I missed that ChatGPT has an official app now. And it’s very nice.…

    Watched Barbie 🍿 yesterday with daughter (7 years old). We realised 20-30 minutes in that this movie was more for me than her. I rate it 3 / 5. It was OK. I recommend people to stream (legally or illegally) it at home instead.

    Jag har en invite till Bluesky om någon här vill ha en

    Wonderful day with daughter. Last time I rode Flumeride at Liseberg I was like 10 years old.

    Ofcourse I want my app images in Linux application launcher

    How to install:

    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:appimagelauncher-team/stable

    sudo apt-get update

    sudo apt-get install appimagelauncher

    Beer and hiking

    Getting ready for some hiking

    Alright lets do this!

    Everyone should have a well of beer

    Today I Learned you need to prebook Boda Borg. Alright, new try tomorrow.

    Friendly reminder to download your Twitter data while you can

    I’m so damn tired of Wordpress. I’ve tried giving it my all, but after five years lurking on, I’m ready to move to this platform.

    Just finished reading: Wool by Hugh Howey 📚

    Couldn’t wait for Season 2 of Silo.

    The swift pacing of the chapters enabled me to devour the book in just two days. Either way, after reading the book. Now I am even more eagerly anticipating Silo Season 2

    Funderar på att ta klivet över från Wordpress till Fortfarande småsaker som jag stör mig på, men allt verkar rätt lovande för att ta steget.

    Ska lattja runt lite mer innan jag bestämmer mig helt.

    Mina topp 20 P3 Dokumentär

    Trustorhärvan Militärligan Gåtan Björkegren Arlandarånet Berättelsen om Gizmondos miljardkrasch Estoniakatastrofen IT-Bubblan Svensken i Bolivia Operation Cobra Branden på M/S Scandinavian Star Docklands – historien om ravekultur, knark och en OS-bomb Konstkuppen Svenska hackers Billy Butt Svenska kuppen mot scientologerna 1996 Kreugerkraschen Ubåtshotet Örnligan Storsvindeln mot Allmänna arvsfonden Skandia-affären

    Cold Is Your Warm Friend

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